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Rongu park
Rõngu St Michael’s Church

Refreshingly unique cultural locations and green spaces

You will be able to visit very interesting museums, have inspiring walks in the surrounding forest and parks, and enjoy the immensity of historical buildings and ruins that will remind you of the timeless beauty of the region.

Check the different places of interest around our renting apartment and book your stay with us to enjoy a peaceful vacation in Rõngu.


Musical Instruments Museum

The Musical Instruments Museum has more than 3,000 exhibits, which include various musical instruments, as well as other exciting things from other fields. For example, in addition to musical instruments, you can see and explore speakers, microphones, amplifiers, and effects units from different eras. They also have turntables, tape recorders, transistors, telephones, and much more.

Ruins of Rõngu Vassal Stronghold

Visit the park of the Rõngu Vassal Stronghold if you are interested in ancient strongholds. It is believed that construction of the castle-type stronghold started in 1340. The army of the order destroyed the stronghold in 1558. Part of the stronghold’s wall and the main entrance have survived until today.


Rõngu St Michael’s Church

The medieval Rõngu St Michael’s Church is dedicated to the Archangel Michael. The church is also known as the oldest building in Rõngu.

The church has suffered major damage in several wars, and over time, the original architecture has been partially altered during the restorations. The current shape of the church dates from the last reconstruction in 1901.

The church participates in both the ‘Wayfarers’ Churches’ and the ‘Night of Churches’ programme.

The church can be visited on Sundays during the service or by prior arrangement.



(14km from Rõngu)

​​Vooremäe recreation area on the southern shore of lake Võrtsjärv is known for its hill fort from the beginning of the second millennium, to which several legends are also associated. It is a peaceful and relatively remote place, which is enjoyed precisely because of the natural beauty of the place and the great view from the top of the hill fort. The place is also known as an excellent bird watching area. In 2010, the roadway was reconstructed in cooperation with the Võrtsjärv Foundation and Puka parish and also a proper boat dock was built.


Lake Museum

(15km from Rõngu)

The main exposition of the Lake Museum is live Estonian freshwater fish. Our freshwater fish are not exhibited elsewhere in Estonia in such species quantity.

There are more than 25 different aquariums in total. There is also a collection of fishing gear, an exhibition of primitive fish and you can also try VR-experience.


Mustjärve Hiking Trail

(12km from Rõngu)

A beautiful bog lake hides in the shade of a pine forest in the northern part of the Lulli bog next to Lake Võrtsjärv. The natural lake is large (23 ha) and very shallow (there is only a metre of water here).

The hiking trail starts at the information stand in the car park. Further on, the boardwalk leads directly to the water, which offers scenic views of the lake and the surrounding bog landscape. The short hiking trail (2.3 km) runs around the lake. It is impossible to get lost here, because the trail is circular and everyone finally gets back to the starting point.

In the second half of the summer, cloudberries, blueberries, cranberries, and mushrooms can be picked from the surroundings.


Hellenurme Mill museum

(10km from Rõngu)

At Hellenurme watermill, you can see how your ancestors used to live. The mill was built in 1880 by the Middendorff family. The machines, which still work today, mostly date back to 1922, when the great-grandfather of the current matron of the mill bought them. When the guests arrive, the flour miller will open the turbine and the water-powered mill will start working. You can see the entire process of grains becoming flour. The matron of the mill will tell stories of how people used to live and offer traditional rye bread and drinks.